DIY All-Natural Orange Peel Sugar Scrub Recipe for Silky Soft Skin

DIY All-Natural Orange Peel Sugar Scrub Recipe for Silky Soft Skin

I adore the feeling of waking up to sunshine. But it’s monsoon season here and I haven’t seen the sun for weeks. So what I’m doing instead is making my own to wake up to.

This DIY Orange Peel Sugar Scrub is heavenly. Bright and happy-colored, the whole thing smells like glorious sunshine and I get to enjoy it every morning in the shower.

Not only does it wake you up, but it leaves your skin soft, smooth, and totally exfoliated. For amazingly soft skin – try shaving your legs after using this.

Oh, the oil in this recipe leaves your skin very moisturized and you may feel a bit slick when you hop out of the shower. I like it, but it may be a bit much for some especially during the humid summer months. If that’s the case, plan to use this scrub in cooler weather – it’s a wonderfully easy way to keep your skin glowing and hydrated all through harsher months.

Plus, it’s super easy to make. Here goes!

Warning: This stuff is delicious and you may be tempted to eat spoonfuls of it upon completion.

What you need…

  • a fresh orange
  • granulated sugar (regular sugar, not powdered)
  • coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil (or both)
  • honey
  • a glass jar
  • fresh ginger (optional)

Note: There are no measurements provided as I usually just eyeball it. The best combination seems to be about 3:1 for sugar:oil (either coconut, olive, or both). As for orange (and ginger) zest, I put in as much as my heart desires – usually around 1 whole orange peel and a little nub of ginger.

What to do…

Step #1. Pour the sugar in the glass jar

orange peel sugar scrub

Step #2. Grate the orange

If you have a zester, this should be super easy. If not, find the grater with the smallest holes and grate away!

Toss it into the jar with the sugar.

orange peel sugar scrub recipe

Hint: This is where you should add in grated ginger if you want the extra zing!

Step #3. Drizzle in some honey

About half a tablespoon should do it.

orange sugar scrub recipe

Step #4. Mix well

Just stir and sift, making sure you’re getting the sugar stuck in the corners and blending it well with the orange zest.

orange peel recipes

The whole thing should look orange-y by now.

Step #5. Toss in some oil

I use mostly coconut oil…

coconut orange sugar scrub

…and a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil…

orange peel DIY

Step #6. Mix well!

Mix the stuff around and voila! you’re done :)

orange peel honey scrub

As you can probably see, I ended up eating some :(

That’s the downside to making yummy things…:)

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